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DISTRANT. Distributed antenna systems for efficient wireless systems.

2010-02-08 -> 2016-06-30

Abstract: For distributed antenna systems, which consist of a central processing unit that performs joint processing of the signals from a very large number of base station/access point antennas, there is currently a severe lack of knowledge regarding many very fundamental issues.

In this project, we aim for an interdisciplinary research effort where we will study hardware architectures and hardware limitations as well as theoretical limits of possible network performance.

In the first phase, we will develop an initial system design based on state-of-the-art knowledge, derive requirements on hardware and algorithms and create a test range for propagation channel studies.

In the second phase, we will design and implement low cost RF heads and FPGA hardware, design algorithms based on propagation channel models from the first phase and ultimately evaluate the full system performance in our test range.

The expected project outcomes are:

1) Network deployment guidelines for indoor and outdoor cellular and wireless systems when using distributed antenna systems;
2) Suitable hardware architectures and designs for low cost distributed antenna systems;
3) Low complex base band solutions for centralized processing; and
4) Propagation models for distributed antenna systems or large arrays.
Project leader(s): Fredrik Tufvesson
Participants: Andreas Molisch
Antonis Pitarokoilis
Erik G. Larsson
Fredrik Rusek
Ghassan Dahman
Hemanth Prabhu
Henrik Sjöland
Joachim Rodrigues
José Flordelis i Minguez
Ove Edfors
Waqas Ahmad
Funding: Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research
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