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Channel modelling for multiuser MIMO with multiple base stations

2011-01-01 -> 2013-12-31

Abstract: MIMO communication has drawn a lot of attention in the last decade and has now also been standardized for cellular systems (LTE) and wireless LANs (IEEE 802.11n). Interference is a huge problem in those systems since it is the main limitation for the number of users in the system. Therefore there is a large interest in interference mitigation techniques. Those require however, an accurate description of the channel behavior for the interfering MIMO links in addition to the model for the intended link. More advanced use of multi user MIMO systems are also currently discussed in the research community where different users or base stations cooperate in order to get even better performance. Those techniques rely on the joint behavior of the radio channels for the different links and therefore multi user multiple base station channel models that can provide a reference of what can be achieved in practice are urgently needed.
Project leader(s): Fredrik Tufvesson
Participants: Meifang Zhu
Funding: The Swedish Research Council (VR)

The Swedish Research Council
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