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Paul Stankovski
Assistant Professor

PhD Projects

Automated Algebraic Cryptanalysis

via the

Greedy Maximum Degree Monomial (MDM) Test

This is the source central for MDM source code. The executables below have been bundled with simple usage intructions. If further assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Supported block- and stream ciphers:

  1. Trivium
  2. Rabbit
  3. Edon 80
  4. AES-128
  5. AES-256
  6. DES
  7. Grain-128
  8. Grain v1
  9. TEA
  10. XTEA
  11. SEED
  13. SMS4
  14. Camellia
  15. RC5
  16. RC6
  17. HIGHT
  18. HC-128
  19. HC-256
  20. Mickey V2
  21. Salsa20/12

I have implemented many but not all of the algorithms listed above. I have attempted to credit the original authors and to retain the original copyright statements where such could be found. If you are uncredited, or if you feel that some part of the source has been published in error, please contact me. If you intend to deploy the software beyond educational use, see the copyright statement of each and every algorithm. It is available in the corresponding source file.


Windows executable (instructions included) [Version 0.01]

Linux executable (instructions included) [Version 0.01]

C code (instructions included) [Version 0.01]