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EIT140 OFDM for Broadband Communication



Deadline Wed 2011-05-18, 17:00:
  • Presentation (one per group) in pdf-format named presx.pdf, x=1,2,... (see below)
  • Score file (one per person) eit140_peer_review.m
Schedule Mon 2011-05-16: Channel Estimation
  • 15:15 Bangguo Zhu,  Chen Wenjuan: Channel Estimation for Wireless OFDM Systems - Part 1: from and including "System Model" (p.20) till and including "LS Estimation" (p.25) (pres1.pdf)

  • 15:35 Jia Sheng Liang, Ji Lan Fang: Channel Estimation for Wireless OFDM Systems - Part 2: from and including "Channel Estimation in Training Mode" (p.25) till and including "Decision Directed Channel Estimation" (p.32) (pres2.pdf)

  • 15:55 Anahita Araghi, Karol Krakowia: Channel Estimation for Wireless OFDM Systems - Part 3: from and including "Channel Estimation with Interference" (p.36) till and including "MIMO OFDM Channel Estimation" (p.42) (pres3.pdf)

  • 16:15 Jianan Liu: Fast Varying Channel Estimation in Downlink LTE Systems (pres4.pdf)

Schedule Tue 2011-05-17: Non-FFT-based OFDM
  • 15:15 Ehsan Foroozanfard, Mahmoud Alizadeh: Advanced OFDM Modulators considered in the IST-WINNER framework for future wireless systems (pres5.pdf)

  • 15:35 Paramananda Joshi, Sabbir Rahman Sakib: Cosine-Modulated Filterbanks Based on Extended Gaussian Functions - Part 1 (up to and including Section 3) (pres6.pdf)

  • 15:55 Viktor Liljegren: Cosine-Modulated Filterbanks Based on Extended Gaussian Functions - Part 2 (from and including Section 4) (pres7.pdf)

  • 16:15 Priyanka Marigi, Farzaneh Firouzabadi: Pulse Construction in OFDM Systems Via Convex Optimization (pres8.pdf)

Schedule Wed 2010-05-18: Synchronization
  • 13:15 Dinil Koshy Mathews, Haridass Selvaraj : Synchronization, timing estimation-Minn's method ("On Timing Offset Estimation for OFDM Systems") (pres9.pdf)

  • 13:35 Xuhong Li, Zheng Zhang: Synchronization, timing estimation-Park's method ("A Novel Timing Estimation Method for OFDM Systems") (pres10.pdf)

  • 13:55 Yu Ruoyang, Yezi Huang: Joint Timing/Carrier ML estimation (pres11.pdf)

  • 14:15 Russell Whiton, Mohammed Alshammari: OFDM Uplink Synchronization (pres12.pdf)