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Fundamentals on Accelerator Physics 2015

The course gives an introduction to particle accelerators to students at bachelor's and master's levels. It is given by the Nordic Particle Accelerator School (NPAS), which is a joint European project between Lund University, ESS, MAX IV Laboratory, Uppsala University, Aarhus University, University of Oslo, Jyväskylää University. The course corresponds to 3 ECTS. The first NPAS was held at Lund University August 17-23, 2015. It gathered 37 students from 9 different countries. The lecture notes from the 2015 School is on Indico. Here is the link.

The NPAS 2016 will be held in August 2016. The home page for that course can be found here


Applications for the NPAS2016 has closed. The course will be fiven again during summer of 2017.