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EDI042 Error Control Coding, 2015/2016

Two lectures are given every week on

Mondays, 13.15 - 15.00 in E:3139 and
Tuesdays, 15.15 - 17.00 in E:2517

Exception: the lecture on Monday, Nov 30, 13.15 - 15.00 takes place in E:2517 

Lecture notes: (last update: Dec 15)

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The lecture notes will be updated regularly during the course. Watch out for new versions!


Content of the lectures: 

Lecture  Topic  Material 

45 Mon, Nov 3  Chapter 1: Introduction, What is error control coding?  Chap. 1.1-1.5 
  QR code demonstration Slides
  Course information Slides
Tue, Nov 4  Chapter 2: Principles of error control coding    
  Channel models, Linear block codes, Syndrome decoding  Chap. 2.1-2.2 

46 Mon, Nov 9  Constructing codes from other codes, Bounds, Cyclic codes   Chap. 2.3-2.5 
Tue, Nov 10  Convolutional codes Chap. 2.6

47 Mon, Nov 16  Termination, Tailbiting, Puncturing, Catastrophic encoders Chap. 2.6 cont. 
  Chapter 3: Optimal decoding methods  
  Overview, MD vs BMD decoding Chap. 3.1
  Example: noisy image Matlab
  Example: repetition code experiment Matlab
Tue, Nov 17    ML Decoding, Viterbi algorithm, Trellises of block codes Chap. 3.2-3.3 

48 Mon, Nov 23  Decoding error probability, Weight enumerators Chap. 3.4 
  Example: union bound for (7,4) Hamming code Matlab
  APP decoding, BCJR algorithm Chap. 3.5 
Tue, Nov 24 Log-APP, Max-Log-APP decoding  
  A tutorial on BCJR and APP decoding by Silvio A. Abrantes Link
  Chapter 4: Iterative decoding of concatenated codes  
  Product codes, Parallel and serial concatenation, Turbo codes    Chap. 4.1 

49 Mon, Nov 30  Iterative decoding, Extrinsic and intrinsic L-values   Chap. 4.2 
  IEEE Spectrum article on turbo codes Link
  LDPC Codes, Tanner graphs, Message passing decoding Chap. 4.3 
Tue, Dec 1  Belief propagation, min-sum and hard-decision decoding Chap. 4.3 cont.
  Irregular LDPC codes, Protographs, Quasi-cyclic LDPC codes  
  LDPC convolutional codes Chap. 4.4

50 Mon, Dec 7  Beyond coding: iterative receivers, turbo equalization   Chap. 4.5 
  An introduction to factor graphs Link
  Turbo equalization Link
  Chapter 5: Reed-Solomon codes  
  Non-binary codes, Parameters of RS codes Chap. 5.1
Tue, Dec 8  Frequency domain representation, Encoding, Syndrome Chap. 5.2-5.3
  Error location, Key equation  

51 Mon, Dec 14  Error evaluation: Forney algorithm, Euclidean algorithm,  Chap. 5.3 cont. 
  Berlekamp-Massey algorithm, Frequency domain error evaluation   
Tue, Dec 15  Summary: algebraic decoding, Weight enumerators  
  Extension fields, Application examples Chap. 5.4