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EIT080 Information Theory, 2011/2012

Main book 

Author: Thomas M. Cover and Joy A. Thomas
Title: Elements of Information Theory (2nd ed)
ISBN10: 0471241954
John Wiley And Sons Ltd

Available e.g.: amazon.com, bokus.com, adlibris.com, cdon.com.   



Complementary material by Stefan Höst (First draft)
InfoTheoryPart1.pdf (Probability, Information and Source coding theorem)
InfoTheoryPart1b.pdf (Kraft)
InfoTheoryPart1c.pdf (Huffman)
InfoTheoryPart2a.pdf (LZ)
InfoTheoryPart2b.pdf (Channel capacity and coding)
InfoTheoryPart2c.pdf (Differential entropy)[will probably not be ready during the course]
InfoTheoryPart2d.pdf (Gaussian channel)

Papers (from IEEE Explore)


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