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EIT080 Information Theory, 2011/2012

The  course introduces the conscpets of Information and Information Theory, and gives the basic priciples of storing, compressing ans transmission of information. In all times communication has been one of the basic needs of humanity. In 1948 Claude Shannon published a landmark paper where he introduced information theory. One of the fundamental results was that all information can be represented in binary form, and today we have a variety of digital communication systems spanning from digital TV and mobile phones to Internet as a whole. We use them on a regular basis and many important sructures rely on them, e.g. the telephony system, required to be one of the most reliable communication systems, is based on digital communications where the traffic is trasmitted over fiber optic connections. We also use digital media, such as CD, DVD and flash memories, to store and distribute audio and video. The list can be made much longer with for example satellite communication and navigation equipment. Despite this we are still at the beginning of the evolution, and the world will see many more different kinds of communication systems and applications. It is remarkable that all of the above systems, that together has changed our way of living during the last 50 years, in some sence falls back to the theory from Shannon. In this course you will be given the fundamentals of Information Theory. It will explain and set up the theoretical limitations and possibilities of modern communication systems. 

Course Code: EIT080
Credits: 7.5
Study Period: VT2
Course responsible: Stefan Höst
Lecturer: Stefan Höst
Assistant: Adnan Prlja
Course Secretary: 
Doris Glöck
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