Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EIT080 Information Theory, 2011/2012

Each week there are two lectures and one problem solving class. The seven weeks in a study period is spread over eight weeks (not including the eastern breake). The Lectures are given by Stefan Höst. All ocations are scheduled in E:2311.

Below is a preliminary lecture plan with problems connected to each lecture. The problem numbers listed below refere to problems intefiles below, where you also find the solutions.

The file ProblemsPart1 covers the problems up to the eastern break and Part2 for the rest of the course.

 L1   Information measure  2.1-2.2  1-6
 L2  Basic properties of entropy  2.3-2.10  7-12
 L3  Entropy rate of Markov sources  4.1-4.5  17-19
 L4  AEP and Source coding theorem  3.1-3.3  13-16
 L5  Source coding and Kraft inequality  5.1-5.5  20-23
 L6  Huffman codes  5.6-5.8  24-26, 28,29
 L7  Huffman continued + Universal source coding  
 L8  Ziv-Lempel  
 32, 33
 L9  Channel coding theorem  7.1-7.4  36-39
 L10  Channel capacity  7.5-7.13  40-43
 L11  Channel coding    44-45
 L12  Differential entropy  8.1-8.6  46-49
 L13  Gaussian channel  9.1-9.5  50, 51
 L14  Water filling  9.1-9.5  52