Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

ETI180 DSP-design

Laboratory Lessons


You can soon sign up for the lab to one of the sessions on the web.

A group of TWO students per group is recommended for doing the labs.

Note that you are required to have solutions to the compulsary homework ready BEFORE the lab session. This is one of the pre-requisites to pass the lab!

LAB 1:

  The manual for this session can be donwloaded here.

  • We strongly encourage you to prepare for the lab sessions, especially if you're not familiar with Matlab. Knowing Matlab will serve you good, not only in this course. 
  • You are expected to bring the compulsary home assignment of the matlab script on a memory stick. 
  • Lab 1: location E:2435 Rödtunga/Blånäbba

download input.dat


LAB 2:

Files required for the lab2 can be download from here and the manual is available in the following link

Lab 2: location E:2435 Rödtunga/Blånäbba

IMPORTANT: In the lab manual the environment initialization is done by typing the command "inittde dsp2011". This  command is currently out of order. You will need to run the following commands instead:

$>  /bin/tcsh

]$ source /h/dk/d/tde2/catapult/init