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Results from measurements at lab exercises in RF Amplifier Design

Lab 2

This is a summary of S-parameter measurements made at BFR520 from Philips (IC = 5mA, VCE = 3V, Source Power = -35dBm). You may compare the results to the data sheet. S-parameters from the manufacturer are also found in the toolbox deslib/trdata for various quiescent points.

In hand-in assignment 2 you will use S-parameters that are a calculated mean value of all the groups.
These S-parameters are found in the file: SPAR.S2P

To solve hand-in assignment 2 you will also need noise parameters at 850MHz:

Fmin = 1.1 dB (=1.288), Gamma-opt=0.331, 47 deg, rn=0.260. 

 Lab 4

Help on the negative resistance oscillator: m-file.

Application notes from Coilcraft: