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EITN70 Channel Coding for Reliable Communication, 2019/2020

Re-exam: (registration before deadline is mandatory)

The written exam will take place as scheduled on April 24 as an online exam. The structure of the exam, as well as the type of questions, will be the same as in the previous ordinary exams.

The plan is to hand out the problems within Canvas and let you upload the scanned answers. More details and instructions will be made available through Canvas. Please check for updates: https://canvas.education.lu.se

You will receive instructions for signing-up for the course in Canvas if you have registered for the exam.



The latest written exam took place on Thursday, January 16, 2020 from 8am - 1pm in room Sparta:D.


An exam consists of 5 problems. A correct solution to a problem gives 10 points.

0-19 points: Not passed the exam.

20-29 points: Grade 3.

30-39 points: Grade 4.

40-50 points: Grade 5.

Note: the extra points from quizzes/projects can only be used if at least 20 points are achieved in the exam.


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