Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EITN10 Multiple Antenna Systems, 2019/2020

You are allowed to submit the bonus projects until the end of the semester.

Your bonus will count for all retake exams.



The list below include people who have submitted their reports for corresponding projects on time and whose reports have been approved. In case you do not find your name (or you think there is something wrong), please contact TA (Juan Vidal Alegría). Sorry for misspellings if any. 

   x = approved 

   s = submitted (under correction) 

   r = resubmit with the corresponding corrections

In case you didn't get a project (which was submitted in time) approved you can REsubmit as many times as you need before the exam date.

To pass the course you should pass all projects

Names Proj 1 Proj 2 Proj 3 Proj 4 Bonus 1 Bonus 2
 Karl Minör & Janani Ramaswamy x x x x x x
 Victor Sesma & Victor Egorov x x x x    
 Hanieh Aliakbariabar & Qiuyan Liang x x x x x  
 Juan Guirado López-Puigcerver & Sahar Shirafkan x x x x    
 Mingye Gong & Ranjitha Gubbi Suresh x x x x    
 Yan Shu & Yujie Zhang x x x x x  
 Darshan Manjunath rao Chawan & Ahasunul Kabir & Kantharajan Karnarjun x x x x    
 Sidra Muneer x x x x    
 Xiaohan Wang x x x x    
 Boqiang Wang x x x x    
 Hussam Mohamed & Nawanit Kumar x x x x x