Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EITN10 Multiple Antenna Systems, 2019/2020

In exercise class, we will solve some theoretical and numerical problems, which will help you to understand the principle of multiple antenna systems.

Problems should be prepared before each class, and students will be asked to discuss their preparation randomly. During the exercise class, projects can be discussed as well if requested. It would be better if you are prepared with specific questions regarding to the projects.

Note that only part of the solution would be available below. It is strongly recommended that you participate the class and join the discussion.  

Exercise 3 on September 27 postponed. Will be given twice.

New times: Session 1: Wednesday 2/10, 13-15 in E:2311

                    Session 2: Thursday 3/10, 10-12 ni E:4119


Extra exercise session: Thursday Oct. 24,  8-10 in E:3139

Exercise        Date Solutions   
Exercise 0  10-12/ Sep 06/ E:2517     
Exercise 1

 10-12/ Sep 13/ E:2517


Exercise 2 

 10-12/ Sep 20/ E:2517 


Exercise 3 

 10-12/ Sep 27/ E:2517 


Exercise 4 

 10-12/ Oct 11/ E:2517


Exercise 5   10-12/ Oct 18/ E:2517 Sol5
Exercise 6  08-10/ Oct 24/ E:3139 Sol6  
Exercise 7  10-12/ Oct 25/ E:2517