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EITN10 Multiple Antenna Systems, 2019/2020

There are in total 4 mandatory projects and 2 bonus projects in this course.

  • The completion of the first bonus project adds 2% to your raw exam score, while the completion of bonus project 2 adds an extra 4% to the raw exam score. In total up to 6% can be added to the exam score.
  • The students must successfully complete Projects 1-4 (compulsory).

The projects cover a selection of the presented topics in the course and they are aimed at reinforcing students' understanding of multiple antenna systems.

The projects are to be performed by each student individually, or in a group of max. 2 students. Discussion among one another is allowed, but each group should submit its OWN solution.

very brief report (4 pages max.) should be written for each project, i.e., you do not need to write long report in a formal way. For an approved report, one should

1. describe "briefly" the methods used to solve the problem, 
2. present the results, e.g., in figures, and
3. comment on the results (important!).
4. computer code (MATLAB) can be included as an attachment.

In order to pass the project component in this course, reports for Projects 1-4 should be submitted according to the following schedule. If required, students should revise their reports until they are approved by the teaching assistant.


Please write your name(s) and email(s) on the report header.

An example report you can use as reference for your future submissions (not only in the resubmission of project 1) can be found here. Please read it through. Note the structure, presentation and analysis of the results.

Project Hints Deadline    
Project 1

Hint 1


 4 Oct
Project 2    11 Oct
Bonus Project 1 template_script     25 Oct
Project 3 Hint 3  18 Oct
Project 4 Hint 4 25 Oct
Bonus Project 2 Bonus 2 Hint       30 Oct








 Extended Deadlines.