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EITF50 An Introduction to Wireless Systems

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An Introduction to Wireless Systems EITF50

Lectures, 9•2h

The theory is presented and basic concepts that are commonly used in RF applications are defined. The intention of the lectures in not to repeat what is written in the text book but to give an overview and to show applications.

Seminars, 9•2 h

The theory presented in lectures is elaborated and practiced in seminars. In order to fully get profit of the seminars you should study the actual chapters in the text book in advance.
Depending on precence on the seminars the number of seminar groups will scale.

Laboratory work, 3•4 h

At laboratory experiments advanced measurement techniques are used to study selected building blocks. The aim is to gain practical experience of RF equipment and measurement techniques.

The course comprises three mandatory laboratory exercises. As the lab holds a limited number of students at a time you must make reservations for the lab exercises in advance at the course home page. If you are prevented from coming to a lab exercise you should immediately inform the course supervisor in order to find an alternate time.

In order to qualify for the laboratory work you should in advance study the corresponding theory and solve the preparation tasks in the lab manual.

You should keep a diary were you document the results and the experiences you gain from the laboratory work. A well written diary may save a higher grade at the exam!


  1. Lecture slides (published during the course at the home page)
  2. Young Paul H.: Chapters from Electronic Communication Techniques, Pearson, Fifth Edition 2004, ISBN: 9780857766915
  3. Additional material and laboratory manual (published at the home page).



The exam is a 5 h written test of six tasks of five points each. To pass the exam 15 points are required. The only allowed aid is a calculator.

    Name Phone
  Course Supervisor: Johan Wernehag 046-222 75 09
  Lecturer: Johan Wernehag 046-222 75 09
  Secretary: Erik Göthe 046-222 97 63
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