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EITF20 Computer Architecture, 2019/2020



Course code: EITF20   Credits: 7.5   Activity term: HT2

Teacher (lectures): Liang Liu, liang.liu(at)eit.lth.se
Assistant (labs): Mohammad Attari (Masoud), Lucas Ferreira
Course secretary:
Anne Andersson

Lectures: 10 x 2 hours; First lecture Day 2019-11-05 (13.00-15.00) E:C

Laborations: 4 x 4 hours; (1st lab: 2019-11-19, 08-12, 4118 & 4119)


Course environment and dependencies:

 Course related questions:

How can Gene Amdahl help you decide which enhancement is the best?
Is a larger cache better than higher clock frequency?
What is a superscalar CPU?
What is the difference between a direct-mapped cache and a set-associative one?
Why is a TLB is essential to virtual memory efficiency?
What is pipelining?
Is out-of-order execution really possible?
How can the hardware rearrange your program and why would it do so?
Why does pipelinng lead to a faster implementation? Is there a limit to this?
Is cache memory heirarchy beneficial?
What does bus snooping mean? What are its applications?
Is the ARM ISA a RISC?
How much memory bandwidth does a modern CPU need?
How to ensure cache coherence in a multi-core system?

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