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Course Description

EITF35 Introduction to Structured VLSI Design, 2019/2020

This course provides knowledge on very large-scale integrated (VLSI) digital circuit realization, targeting for fast prototyping on an FPGA platform. The participants will gain knowledge required to implement typical blocks of a large digital system, e.g., state machines, data-path, etc. Moreover, it will be taught to optimize a digital implementation, mainly on the architecture level, for area, speed, and power. Basic knowledge of design for test (DFT) will also be included to get good understanding of a complete digital VLSI design flow. The knowledge gained during the lectures will be implemented through practical assignments in the lab. The course teaches the basic concept of VHDL and tool training required for the compulsory assignments, i.e., Sequence Detector, ALUKeyboard Controller, and a small processor. Based on the experience gained through compulsory assignments the students may continue with a small project implementing more advanced VLSI digital circuit. The course material is based on handouts provided on the course page.


  • It is expected that the students are familiar with basics in digital design (Finite State Machines, Digital Gates, FFs, etc)
  • Please have a look on the additional resourses 
  • EITF35 is a prerequisite for Digital IC-Project and Verification EITN35.  






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