Electrical and Information Technology

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EITN85 Wireless Communication Channels



Examination March 2019

There will be an oral exam, and a small written test, week 11 in groups of up to 6 students. Book a slot with the link you got in an email (if you are registered for the course). Contact Dr. Harsh Tataria if there are any questions. Note that all three assignments should be handed in before.

The written part takes up to 30 min, whereas the oral part takes up to 2,5 hours.

The oral part is a group discussion around the concepts and theory treated in the course. The students will get individual questions, but will also be asked to comment on the answers from other group members. There are also parts where the students are asked to explain concepts and theories at the white board.

Students are examined individually with one of the grades fail, 3, 4, or 5.

The criteria for the grade 3 (pass) are given in the Syllabus.

For a grade 4, the student should show a very good understanding of the topics treated in the course and demonstrate Competence, Knowledge and understanding in the area at a very good level.

For a grade 5 the student should fulfill the requirements for a grade 4 and in addition demonstrate an ability to use and apply the knowledge in new areas within the general area of the course.