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EITN65 Measurement and Modeling of the Central Nervous System Function, 2018/2019

During the course you will need to complete 5 hand-in assignments and 1 project. The hand-in assignments are done individually, but you are encouraged to discuss the tasks as needed. The project will be done in pairs. To pass the course, you will need to hand in a report for each assignment and the project, which will be graded on a pass/fail-basis, as well as together with your project partner give a pitch of your project.
The idea behind the hand-in assignments is to demonstrate some of the modelling and analysis concepts introduced in the course. Some examples of what can be part of a hand-in assignment are:
  • To analyze how the membrane properties of a nerve cell determine how the cell will react to incoming signals.
  • To experiment with more or less complex models of whole nerve cells, e.g. in order to investigate how extracellular signals are arising.
  • To apply different analysis methods to measured and simulated neural signals in order to see how one can "listen" to the activity of nerve cells in a network.

The hand-in assignments and related material are made available via Moodle, via which also the reports will be handed in.