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TFRG35 Fundamentals of Accelerator Technology

Course Description


Fundamentals of Accelerator Technology

This is part of an EU project called Nordic Particle Accelerator Project (see NPAP)

Time: August 14-22, 2017.

Place: Lund University. E1406.


Examination: The students carry out a mandatory project and presents this orally and in writing.

Target groups: Students at bachelor's and master's levels with a major in Physics, Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering. At Lund University students on bachelor level with a major in Physics from the Faculty of Science and students from the study programs E, F, Pi, N and BME at LTH may apply for the course.

Sponsor: This course is arranged by the Nordic Particle Accelerator School (NPAS) and is sponsored by the Nordic Particle Accelerator Project (NPAP), which is an Erasmus+ project between Lund University, ESS, MAX IV Laboratory, Uppsala University, Aarhus University, University of Oslo, Jyväskylää University.

Accommodation: Accommodation will be arranged by NPAP for students from universities outside Lund. Information has been sent to all participants.

Meals: Lunches and some dinners will be paid by NPAP.

Traveling: NPAP will pay for tickets for students from the partner universities in Erasmus+.

Introduction to basic accelerator physics including classical mechanics, electrodynamics and special relativity; Description of linear accelerators, synchrotrons, storage rings for generating electromagnetic radiation, and Spallation sources and colliders; Overview of microwave systems, resistive and superconducting magnets, normal conducting and superconducting RF cavities, cryogenic equipment, vacuum systems, power supplies, beam diagnostics; Particle Beam Physics: Longitudinal and transverse beam dynamics, synchrotron radiation, nonlinear radiation physics, the magnetic system of storage rings, calculation methods for radiation physics; Use of accelerator technology in nuclear and particle physics, materials science, medicine and biology; Overview of new accelerator technologies based on powerful lasers in plasma.



The first NPAS was held at Lund University August 17-23, 2015. It gathered 37 students from 9 different countries.


Here are the instructions for the 2017 course:
The application opens February 22 and closes March 15. The application period will be extended if there are places still to be filled. In that case this will be announced at this page.

Foreign students apply to the course here and Swedish students at make sure that you have passed the admission and got an approval. If you have problems please send an e-mail to Anders Karlsson (  (AT=@))

Every participating university (Lund, Uppsala, Arhus, Oslo and Jyväskylä) has their quota of students. The number of students is limited to 40 and if the number of applications exceeds 40 then each university will make a selection based on grades.

Prerequisites: Basic courses in one- and several variable calculus and in linear algebra. Basic course in physics and mechanics. Basic course with some electromagnetic theory. At there are courses listed fot students from Lund and Uppsala. Foreign students need to submit a description of their courses and grades when they apply. Please send an e-mail to Anders Karlsson (  (AT=@)) if there problems with this.