Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

The purpose with this course is to illustrate how developing work can be done in the industry. You are supposed to construct build and test a prototype with all the necessary documentation At the beginning of the course there will be hold a lesson given some practical advice . You will at the same time be given a place where you can work around the clock. During office ours staff will be available for discussions and answering questions.

Previous knowledge: Switching Theory and Digital Design Computer Architecture

Credits:  EITF40 7.5 hp

Teacher: Bertil Lindvall and Christoffer Cederberg


  • When your construction works. 
  • Approved written documentation of your work.
  • Oral presentation of your work.
  • Opposition on the work of another group.

Literature: Material and books are available at the institution.