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Detta är kursens elektroniska anslagstavla. Här kompletteras fortlöpande den information som ges i kursprogrammet .

The course will be discontinued by the summer 2010 and replaced by a new course with a different content.

Hence, the last exam opportunity has passed.

Results for the August period exam is posted outside  EIT's Service Desk. The exam will be showed Friday September 3, between 12.00-12.30 in E:3139.


Preliminary schedule for the lectures could be found here


Answers to the exercises: Exercise 1 Exercise 2  Exercise 3 Exercise 4 Exercise 5 Exercise 6

Final Exam

The final exam will take place Wednesday, December 16 between 08.00-13.00 in MA8.

The course requirements for the exam is found here. 

Example of exams