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EITA50 Signal Processing in Multimedia


This is a basic course i signal processing for BME, C, D, E, and the China Program. This web page concerns the course for BME, C, and D, spring 2020. The course treats the mathematics behind the handling of discrete signals, for example, sampling, convolution, and the Z transform. The course is a basis for other courses in biomedical engineering, communication systems, and automatic control.

Course Information

In the spring 2020, the course is given as a "distance" course to minimize the risk of spreading the Corona Virus. All important information is given via this home page and only via this home page. All physical events are cancelled.

  • The lectures are given in the form of films, which can be downloaded from the tab "Slides."
  • The exercises are done at home by yourself. Questions can be asked in Canvas, see the tab "Exercises."
  • The labs are done as home assignments. You download Matlab, perform the labs, and write a report, which is sent in via Canvas, see the tab "Laboratory Lessons."
  • The home assignments are published on the home page. You write solutions and send them in via Canvas, see the tab "Home Assignments."
  • It is important that you follow the course schedule, see the tab Schedule.

To Do the Third Week (Easter Week)

During the third week, you should listen to Lecture 5 and 6 and then work through Exercises 5 and 6. Questions should be asked in your group in Canvas. During the third week you should also do Lab 1 in Matlab, write a lab report, and upload it in Canvas. The deadline is Thursday April 9 at 18:00. If you have an English-speaking teacher, the report must be written in English. Otherwise it may also be written in Swedish.

Home Assignment 1 is published on Tuesday April 7. The deadline is on Wednesday May 6 by upload in Canvas. Note that the background knowledghe needed to solve the assignment is covered in the course up to the deadline.

The re-examination on April 23, 2020, will be done via the Internet, which means that you must sign up beforehand, via LADOK. No exceptions will be allowed. You must prepare well in advance according to the following instructions.

You must be registered to follow the course. For questions about registration, contact Erik Göthe,

The end of the third week is the beginning of Easters, and then it is holidays and a re-examination period. During this time you may rest and, for exemple, take strengthening forest walks in the brisk spring weather.