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Stefan Höst


Stefan Höst finished his Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering in 1994 from Lund University. In 2000 he received his PhD in Information Theory, also Lund University, with the thesis entitled On Woven Convolutional Codes. Since then he has a position as Associate Professor at the department of Electrical and Information Technology, where he is active in the Broadband Communication research group. His main tasks are research and teaching. As a teacher he has been responsible of several courses within communication technologyat the masters programmes at Lund University. He was also the head of education for the master’s programme in Information and Communications engineering from the start in 2001 until 2008. His main research area is within access networks seen from the physical layer. His work is mainly related to communication using the existing infrastructure, such as ADSL, VDSL and the recently started standardization within His interest covers cable digital communications, information theory and signal processing, but also how the different layers in the communication system relates to each other as well as energy efficiency of future communication systems. He is involved in a very close cooperation with Ericson Research in Kista, Stockholm, within the area of wired communication for copper and fibre solutions.