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Network of Excellence in Wireless Communications

2012-11-01 -> 2015-10-31

Sammanfattning: NEWCOM# is a project funded under the umbrella of the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. NEWCOM# pursues long-term, interdisciplinary research on the most advanced aspects of wireless communications like Finding the Ultimate Limits of Communication Networks, Opportunistic and Cooperative Communications, or Energy- and Bandwidth-Efficient Communications and Networking.

In this project we investigate spatially coupled codes, which are a class of capacity achieving channel codes. The threshold saturation phenomenon observed for spatially coupled codes provides new ways in the design of codes with capacity achieving performance. For example, the role of low-degree variable nodes is relaxed compared to conventional irregular LDPC codes. Spatial coupling is not limited to binary LDPC codes but can be also used for non-binary transmission and more general classes of codes on graphs.
Within a joint research activity on spatially coupled codes we aim at:

• understanding and exploiting new degrees of freedom in the design of binary and non-binary spatially coupled codes,

• considering efficient window decoding of spatially coupled codes and the trade-offs between latency, complexity and performance in the waterfall and error floor region,

• investigating the performance of spatially coupled codes over non-ergodic, channels and the trade-off between diversity and latency,

Lund University participates in NEWCOM# as an Associate Partner.
Föreståndare: Michael Lentmaier
Finansiär: EU Seventh Framework Research Programme (EU FP7), EU FP7
Extern projektsida: http://www.newcom-project.eu