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Novel Antenna System Design Paradigm for High Performance Mobile Communications

2010-11-01 -> 2017-09-30

Sammanfattning: In this project, the main objective is to address two fundamental limitations in future mobile communications which employ MIMO technology using the new paradigm of optimizing antenna systems from a system perspective. Firstly, apart from high correlation and mutual coupling among closely spaced antennas, user terminals are required to operate under a variety of propagation and user environments. Secondly, signals arriving at base station antennas typically have narrow angular spread, which result in high correlation. A common strategy will be applied to mitigate these limitations: (1) understand the underlying physics and performance limitations based on theory, simulation and experiment; and (2) achieve near optimum system design using practical antenna system design strategies.
Projektledare: Buon Kiong Lau
Deltagare: Hui Li
Zachary Miers
Finansiär: Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

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