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ESS Konstruktions- och utvecklingsarbete för acceleratorns RF System

2012-01-01 -> 2016-12-31

Sammanfattning: The EIT-project includes work within the following areas:

The LLRF control system that controls and maintains the amplitude and phase stability of the accelerating fields in pulse mode for all the RF cavities along the accelerator.

The master oscillator responsible for generating both the reference phase for the RF systems, as well as the master clock for the control system. By having both these time references derived from the same oscillator, they will be phase locked to each other

Development of mathematical models to describe the RF systems for the different accelerating cavity types and powering concepts, in order to simulate and optimize the perform-ance of the LLRF systems.
Projektledare: Anders J Johansson
Deltagare: Anders Karlsson
Anders Svensson
Fredrik Kristensen
Gabriele Costanza
Henrik Sjöland
Markus Törmänen
Renato De Prisco
Finansiär: Lund University (LU)
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