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My Personal Adaptive Global NET and Beyond

My Personal Adaptive Global NET and Beyond

2006-01-01 -> 2008-06-30

Sammanfattning: MAGNET Beyond is a worldwide R&D project within Mobile and Wireless Systems and Platforms Beyond 3G. MAGNET Beyond will introduce new technologies, systems, and applications that are at the same time user-centric and secure. MAGNET Beyond will develop user-centric business model concepts for secure Personal Networks in multi-network, multi-device, and multi-user environments. MAGNET Beyond has 30 partners from 15 countries, among these Industrial Partners, Universities, and Research Centres. MAGNET Beyond is a continuation of the MAGNET project.
Projektledare: Ove Edfors
Viktor Öwall
Deltagare: Anders J Johansson
Deepak Dasalukunte
Johan Kåredal
Peter Nilsson
Finansiär: Europeiska unionen (EU), FP6
Extern projektsida: www.ist-magnet.org

Europeiska unionen
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