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My Personal Adaptive Global NET

My Personal Adaptive Global NET

2004-01-01 -> 2005-12-31

Sammanfattning: MAGNET is an integrated project supported within the Sixth Framework Programme of the EU Commission. The project acronym stands for "My personal Adaptive Global NET", and as the name indicates the project has a profound emphasis on user-centricity, personalization and personal networking. The objective of this user-centric approach is to improve the quality of life for the end-user by introducing new technologies more adapted to the user. MAGNET research focuses on environments to become smarter, more responsive, and more accommodating to the needs of the individual without jeopardizing privacy and security. The MAGNET project has a total cost of 18.14 million euro. The EU Commission has granted 10.00 million euro to the project and the remaining 8.14 million comes from partners. The project has a duration of 24 months, and started out January 1st 2004. The project has 37 partners.
Projektledare: Fredrik Tufvesson
Viktor Öwall
Finansiär: Europeiska unionen (EU), FP6

Europeiska unionen
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