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Krypto och säkerhet

The Lund Crypto and Security group started its research in 1982. Since then, we have been active in theoretical and applied research on stream ciphers, authentication codes and relationships between information theory/error-correcting codes and cryptography. The group was active in the cryptanalysis of the GSM A5/1 stream cipher and work from the group has found its way into international standards. The SNOW stream cipher is an ISO standard and has in a modified form been adopted for use in the 3G and LTE mobile wireless networking standards. Members and former members of the group also contributed to security solutions for the Bluetooth standard.

In recent years the group has deepened its work on stream ciphers and cryptanalysis and has broaden its research on system security. Particularly through evolvement with development of security solutions for mobile phones the group has gained a strong applied competence in trusted embedded system technologies.