Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


Below you can find photos of some recently published chips from the group:
CMOS Integrated Remote Antenna Unit for Fiber-Fed Distributed MIMO Systems, IEEE T-MTT 2017
A 65 nm CMOS Wideband Radio Receiver With ΔΣ-Based A/D-Converting Channel-Select Filters, IEEE JSSC 2016
Experimental Investigation of Adaptive Impedance Matching for a MIMO Terminal With CMOS-SOI Tuners, IEEE T-MTT 2016
A cellular receiver front-end with blocker sensing, IEEE RFIC 2016


A 1.5 V 28 GHz Beam Steering SiGe PLL for an 81-86 GHz E-Band Transmitter, IEEE MWCL 2016


A Noise-Cancelling Receiver Front-End with Frequency Selective Input Matching, IEEE JSSC 2015


A Positive Feedback Passive Mixer-First Receiver Front-End, IEEE RFIC 2015
A two-stage mm-wave PA with 18.5% PAE in 65 nm CMOS, IEEE APMC 2015
Best student paper at APMC 2015