Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

Data converters &
Frequency synthesis


The Data Converter & Frequency Synthesis group designs ICs in a variety of fields, i.e. data conversion, phase-locked loops, frequency synthesizers, voltage-controlled oscillators, and receiver front-ends. The main application focus is high-performance radio ICs, such as for 3G/4G terminals, but also very-low-power devices get their due share of attention. Targeted integration technologies are usually (but not exclusively) standard nm CMOS processes.

We have very strong ties with the Lund-based wireless IC companies, such as Ericsson Research, ST-Ericsson, and Sony-Ericsson. Throughout the years the senior member of the group have also collaborated with researchers from other universities, in particular the University of Pavia (profs. Rinaldo Castello, Antonio Liscidini, Andrea Mazzanti, and Francesco Svelto) and the University of Padova (prof. Andrea Bevilacqua), both in northern Italy.

The group includes associate professor Pietro Andreani, post-doc fellows Ping Lu and Luca Fanori, PhD students Mattias Andersson, Martin Liljebladh, Xiaodong Liu, and Dejan Radjen, as well as Ericsson researchers Martin Anderson and Lars Sundström.