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Digital ASIC


Digital IC's in the Nano Electronics Era

The digital ASIC group is headed by Professor Viktor Öwall, currenlty acting as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University. Furthermore, the group consists  of Associate Professor Erik Larsson, Associate Professor Joachim Rodrigues, Associate Professor Liang Liu, and 9 PhD students.

The digital ASIC group has worked in the area of baseband processing for several years and being early in investigating techniques such as OFDM, multiple antenna systems and flexible radio architectures. Furthermore, the group has a strong research focus on low-energy circuits, ultra low-voltage SRAM, design methodologies as well as novel models of computation. The group has excellent industrial contacts and a large international contact network.







Some chips designed in
the group around 1995
(when the light wavelength
still made it possible to see)

Dr. Viktor Öwall


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering


Circuit architectures, Reconfigurable Computing

  Dr. Erik Larsson  Associate Professor 



Design for Test and Fault Tolerance

  Dr. Joachim Rodrigues

Associate Professor



Low-power, sub-threshold circuits, Memories, biomedical 

Dr. Liang Liu

Associate Professor


Circuits for Wireless communication, Massive MIMO

Dr. Dimitar Nikolov PostDoc  
Oskar Andersson PhD student
Rakesh Gangarajaiah PhD student    
Yangxurui Liu PhD student      
Steffen Malkowsky PhD student    
Babak Mohammadi PhD student    
Mojtaba Mahdavi PhD student
Hemanth Prabhu PhD student      
Michal Stala PhD student  
Farrokh Ghani Zadegan PhD student