Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

Research Profile

The main focus of our research is on radio frequency integrated circuits in CMOS technology, targeted towards wireless communication applications. Different areas in wireless communications impose very different requirements on the radio frequency circuits, and the three main areas we target are: 

1) Mobile telephony: Despite the fact that mobile phones have become both cheap and common, many technical challenges must still be solved. New standards like LTE with increased data rates increase the performance requirement on the circuitry in both receiver and transmitter. Furthermore, the number of radio frequency bands increases rapidly, and completely new solutions are therefore needed to limit the cost and size of the radio part.

2) Very high frequencies, mm-waves: With the increased speed of CMOS transistors in the latest technologies, it is possible to realize circuits operating at 60GHz and beyond. Using CMOS technology makes the cost sufficiently low for use in consumer products. At 60 GHz there is a very wide frequency band available that enables multi Gbit/s in WLAN applications. At 77GHz there is another interesting frequency band, for use in automotive radar.

3) Ultra low power radio: Modern CMOS transistors can operate with high speed even at extremey low current. This can be used to design circuits for wireless communication in applications where it is very hard to change battery, or when the battery must be extremely small, like in hearing aids and pacemakers. To minimize the power consumption, the entire radio must be addressed including antenna, baseband and algorithms.