Electrical and Information Technology

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Research Profile

Cellular Electronics

One focus area for our research is related to the hardware for cellular electronics, including the radio front end, the digital base band, as well as the mixed-signal area. Circuits are designed in the latest CMOS technologies, fabricated in well-established foundries worldwide and characterized in detail at our measurement labs. Our interest natrually covers the established frequencies up to 3.5 GHz, but we also consider design and applications at the higher frequencies, including 60 GHz and above. One particular aspect is related to the system design  where we not only consider the individual components, but rather the complete system. The area of research is performed in close collaboration with our industrial partners.

Ultra-Low-Power Circuits

In some applications like pace-makers and other medical implants low power consumption is of utmost importance, since the battery must both be small and last a long time. We therefore perform research pushing the boundaries of circuit power consumption. For high integration we use CMOS technology and reduce the power consumption through circuit design techniques. For example we operate the MOS transistors in the subthreshold region. Our major effort in the area is currently to design an ultra low power radio.  The full system is designed, including antennas, high frequency circuits, analog to digital converters, digital baseband, analog decoding, and radio algorithms. Power reduction is addressed in all different parts as well as on system level.