Elektro- och informationsteknik

Lunds Tekniska Högskola | Lunds universitet


The networking and security group at EIT deals with system aspects of tele and data communication, i.e., the architecture of these systems as well as with security aspects of communication systems. The research focus of the group is divided into several areas.

Network design and optimization

Multi-layer core network design and optimization, e.g., IP-over DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) which is a technique used to send multiple signals at different wavelengths on the same optical fibre, resulting in several virtual channels and increased capacity of an optical fibre. Intra-domain IP routing using the open shortest path first (OSPF) protocol and inter-domain routing using the border gateway protocol (BGP) are other research topics together with routing and restoration in the transport layer (e.g., DWDM and Synchronous Digital Hierarchy, SDH). The main target of this research area is the next generation Internet and optical networks.

Performance analysis and protocol design for wireless networks

Performance modelling, analysis, simulation and measurement of wireless networks are some topics in this research area. Other topics are cross layer protocol design and analysis and design of MAC protocols that support QoS. Routing and scheduling are other topics of interest. The target applications of this research include AdHoc, Vehicular and Sensor Networks, Mesh Networks, IEEE802.11 and IEEE802.16e, IMT Advanced and self-organized wireless and home networks.

Security and cryptology

The main research topic in security and cryptology is design and analysis of cryptographic primitives, and in particular stream ciphers. Stream ciphers are used e.g., in mobile phones (GSM), IEEE802.11 networks (WEP encryption) and Bluetooth. Stream ciphers can be used to encrypt data at very high speed and the ISO standard stream cipher SNOW 2.0 has been designed by the group at EIT. It is one of the fastest stream ciphers available. Another stream cipher designed by the group is Grain, which targets hardware environments where gate count or power consumption is a main concern. Design and analysis of Message Authentication Codes (MAC) is another research topic of interest as well as the use of coding theory in the analysis of cipher primitives.