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Jun Wu: Thesis title: "Vertical III-V/High-k Nanowire MOS Capacitors and Transistors." Area:

Xiang Gao: Thesis title: "Massive MIMO in Real Propagation Environments." Area:


Anders Nejdel: Thesis title: "Flexible Receivers in CMOS for Wireless Communication." Area:

Iman Vakili: Thesis title: "Time-Domain Antenna and Scattering Analysis for Micro- and Millimeter-Wave Applications." Area:

Martin Berg: Thesis title: "Vertical InAs Nanowire Devices and RF Circuits." Area:

Kristofer Jansson: Thesis title: "InAs Nanowire Devices and Circuits." Area:

Lars Ohlsson: Thesis title: "Compact and Efficient Millimetre-Wave Circuits for Wideband Applications." Area:

Ivaylo Vasilev: Thesis title: "User Effect Mitigation in MIMO Terminal Antennas." Area:

Dimitar Nikolov: Thesis title: "Fault Tolerance for Real-Time Systems: Analysis and Optimization of Roll-back Recovery with Checkpointing." Area:


Carl Gustafson: Thesis title: "60 GHz Wireless Propagation Channels: Characterization, Modeling and Evaluation." Area:

Marius Cismasu: Thesis title: "Antenna Analysis and Design Using Stored Energies and Physical Limitations." Area:

Reza Meraji: Thesis title: "Low Power Decoding Circuits for Ultra Portable Devices." Area:

Reza Meraji: Thesis title: "Low Power Decoding Circuits for Ultra Portable Devices." Area:

Sofia Johansson: Thesis title: "Vertical Nanowire High-Frequency Transistors." Area:

Dejan Radjen: Thesis title: "Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators for Ultra-Low-Power Radios." Area:

Meifang Zhu: Thesis title: "Geometry-based Radio Channel Characterization and Modeling: Parameterization, Implementation and Validation." Area:

Chenxin Zhang: Thesis title: "Dynamically Reconfigurable Architectures for Real-time Baseband Processing." Area:

Isael Diaz: Thesis title: "Algorithm-Architecture Co-Design for Digital Front-Ends in Mobile Receivers." Area:

Mattias Andersson: Thesis title: "Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators for Wireless Communication." Area:

Karl-Magnus Persson: Thesis title: "Nanowire Transistors and RF Circuits for Low-Power Applications." Area:

Rohit Chandra: Thesis title: "Antennas, Wave Propagation, and Localization in Wireless Body Area Networks." Area:

Taimoor Abbas: Thesis title: "Measurement Based Channel Characterization and Modeling for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications." Area:

Yasser Sherazi: Thesis title: "Design Space Exploration of Digital Circuits for Ultra-low Energy Dissipation." Area:


Carl Bryant: Thesis title: "Receiver Front-Ends in CMOS with Ultra-Low Power Consumption." Area:

Anil Dey: Thesis title: "Low-Power Nanowire Circuits and Transistors." Area:

Paul Stankovski: Thesis title: "Cryptanalysis of Selected Stream Ciphers." Area:

Kristin Persson: Thesis title: "Radome Diagnostics: utilizing Source Reconstruction based on Surface Integral Representations." Area:

Adnan Prlja: Thesis title: "Reduced Receivers for Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling and General Linear Channels." Area:


Martin Ågren: Thesis title: "On Some Symmetric Lightweight Cryptographic Designs." Area:

Johan Löfgren: Thesis title: "Hardware Architectures for Wireless - Communication Symbol Detection and Channel Estimation." Area:

Dzevdan Kapetanovic: Thesis title: "On Linear Transmission Systems." Area:

Mats Ärlelid: Thesis title: "Millimeter-Wave Impulse Radio." Area: Nano

Fredrik Harrysson: Thesis title: "Flerantennterminaler i realistiska omgivningar ? en sammansatt kanalmodelleringsmetodik." Area: Radio Systems

Anders Bernland: Thesis title: "Integral Identities for Passive Systems and Spherical Waves in Scattering and Antenna Problems." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Florian Hug: Thesis title: "Codes on Graphs and More." Area: Information Theory

Peter Hammarberg: Thesis title: "Iterative receivers with channel estimation for MIMO and multi-user OFDM systems." Area: Radio Systems


Deepak Dasalukunte: Thesis title: "Multicarrier Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling Transceivers: From Theory to Practice." Area: Digital ASIC

Fredrik Lindqvist: Thesis title: "Estimation and detection of transmission line characteristics in the copper access network." Area: Broadband Communication

Ruiyuan Tian: Thesis title: "Design and Evaluation of Compact Multi-antennas for Efficient MIMO Communications." Area: Electromagnetic theory

Andreas Axholt: Thesis title: "Micro- and Millimeter Wave CMOS Beamforming Receivers." Area: Circuit Design

Vanja Plicanic: Thesis title: "Characterization and Enhancement of Antenna System Performance in Compact MIMO Terminals." Area: Electromagnetic Theory


Ulrike Richter: Thesis title: "Spatial Characterization and Estimation of Intracardiac Propagation Patterns During Atrial Fibrillation." Area: Signal Processing

Frida Sandberg: Thesis title: "Novel Approaches to ECG-Based Modeling and Characterization." Area: Signal Processing

Alireza Kazemzadeh: Thesis title: "Design and Analysis of Nonmagnetic SpecularRadar Absorbing Materials." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Markus Törmänen: Thesis title: "Micowave CMOS VCOs and Front-Ends - using integrated passives on-chip and on-carrier." Area: Circuit Design


Ali Hamidian: Thesis title: "Supporting Internet Access and Quality of Service in Distributed Wireless Ad Hoc Networks." Area: Communication Systems

Sören Poulsen: Thesis title: "Stealth radomes." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Andres Alayon Glazunov: Thesis title: "On the Antenna-Channel Interactions: A Spherical Vector Wave Expansion Approach." Area: Radio Systems

Shurjeel Wyne: Thesis title: "Characterization of Single- and Multi-antenna Wireless Channels." Area: Radio Systems

Johan Kåredal: Thesis title: "Measurement-Based Modeling of Wireless Propagation Channels - MIMO and UWB." Area: Radio Systems

Jianhua Cao: Thesis title: "Marginal Productivity Indices and Linear Programming Relaxations for Dynamic Resource Allocation in Queueing Systems." Area: Communication Systems

Kristian Solem: Thesis title: "Signal Modeling and Detection in Nephrologic and Cardiac Applications." Area: Signal Processing


Johan Wernehag: Thesis title: "Microwave CMOS Beamforming Transmitters." Area: Circuit Design

Suleyman Malki: Thesis title: "On Hardware Implementation of Discrete-Time Cellular Neural Networks." Area: Information Theory

Lars Aspemyr: Thesis title: "Microwave CMOS LNAs and VCOs - Using Passives On-Chip, Above Chip, and Off-Chip." Area: Circuit Design

Henrik Svensson: Thesis title: "Reconfigurable Architectures for Embedded Systems." Area: Circuit Design

Marcus Nyström: Thesis title: "Off-line Foveated Compression and Scene Perception: An Eye-Tracking Approach." Area: Information Theory

Christian Sohl: Thesis title: "Dispersion Relations in Scattering and Antenna Problems." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Martin Andersson: Thesis title: "CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converters - Analysis, Modeling, and Design." Area: Circuit Design

Jonas Alowersson: Thesis title: "Low Power Techniques for Fast CMOS Buffer Memories." Area: Computer Engineering

Thomas Lenart: Thesis title: "Design of Reconfigurable Hardware Architectures for Real-time Applications." Area: Circuit Design

Eligijus Kubilinskas: Thesis title: "Design of Multi-layer Telecommunication Networks: Fairness, Resilience, and Load Balancing." Area: Communication Systems

Henrik Persson: Thesis title: "Inter-System Handovers in Heterogeneous Wireless Systems." Area: Communication Systems

Hugo Hedberg: Thesis title: "Image Processing Architectures for Binary Morphology and Labeling." Area: Circuit Design


Anders Nilsson Plymoth: Thesis title: "Wireless Multi Hop Access Networks and Protocols." Area: Communication Systems

Håkan Englund: Thesis title: "Some Results on Distinguishing Attacks on Stream Ciphers." Area: Information Theory

Peter Sjöblom: Thesis title: "Reconfigurable Impedance Matching Networks for Radio Receivers." Area: Circuit Design

Hongtu Jiang: Thesis title: "Design Issues in VLSI Implementation of Image Processing Hardware Accelerators - Methodology and Implementation." Area: Circuit Design

Fredrik Kristensen: Thesis title: "Design and Implementation of Embedded Video Surveillance Hardware." Area: Circuit Design

Koraljka Golub: Thesis title: "Automated Subject Classification of Textual Documents in the Context of Web-Based Hierarchical Browsing." Area: Information Theory

Maja Loncar: Thesis title: "Taming of the BEAST." Area: Information Theory

Fredrik Rusek: Thesis title: "Partial Response and Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling." Area: Information Theory

Martin Hell: Thesis title: "On the Design and Analysis of Stream Ciphers." Area: Information Theory

Peter Almers: Thesis title: "MIMO Channels - Measurements and Analysis." Area: Radio Systems

Jens K Andersson: Thesis title: "On Overload Control and Performance Agreements in a Parlay/OSA Environment." Area: Communication Systems

Mikael Andersson: Thesis title: "Overload Control and Performance Evaluation of Web Servers." Area: Communication Systems

Matthias Kamuf: Thesis title: "Trellis Decoding: From Algorithm to Flexible Architectures." Area: Circuit Design


Pål Nilsson: Thesis title: "Fairness in Communication and Computer Network Design." Area: Communication Systems

Christian Engström: Thesis title: "Effective Properties of Heterogeneous Materials with Applications in Electromagnetics." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Alexander Maximov: Thesis title: "Some Words on Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers." Area: Information Theory

Alberto Jimenez Feltström: Thesis title: "Iteratively Decodable Convolutional Codes: Analysis and Implementation Aspects." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Fredrik Edman: Thesis title: "Digital Hardware Aspects of Multiantenna Algorithms." Area: Applied Electronics

Thomas Magesacher: Thesis title: "Common-Mode Aided Wireline Communications." Area: Signal Processing


Niklas Troedsson: Thesis title: "Monolithic Integrated Oscillators - Phase Noise Analysis and Inductor Modeling." Area: Circuit Design

Fred Tillman: Thesis title: "Low Voltage CMOS Radio Receiver Front-End Design." Area: Circuit Design

Roland Zander: Thesis title: "Prioritization Procedures for Resource Management in Cellular Networks." Area: Communication Systems

Zhan Guo: Thesis title: "MIMO Decoding Algorithm and Implementation." Area: Circuit Design

Joachim Rodrigues: Thesis title: "Development and Implementation of Cardiac Event Detectors in Digital CMOS." Area: Applied Electronics

Fredrik Florén: Thesis title: "Aspects on Interference and Diversity in Wireless Networks." Area: Radio Systems

André Stranne: Thesis title: "Throughput Analysis of Interfering Packet Radio Networks." Area: Radio Systems

Victor Pavlushkov: Thesis title: "Capabilities of Convolutional Codes: Unequal Error Protection and More." Area: Information Theory

Niklas Widell: Thesis title: "Active Resource Management in Middleware and Service-oriented Architectures." Area: Communication Systems

Tomas Eriksson: Thesis title: "Trellis Source Coding Methods for Low Rates and Short Blocks." Area: Information Theory

Niklas Andgart: Thesis title: "Peak and Power Reduction in Multicarrier Communication Systems." Area: Signal Processing


Roland Strandberg: Thesis title: "CALLUM Linear Transmitter - Architecture and Circuit Analysis." Area: Applied Electronics

Pieternella Cijvat: Thesis title: "CMOS Transceiver Front-Ends in Mobile Communication Handsets - Architectures and Building Blocks." Area: Circuit Design

Johan Piper: Thesis title: "Floating-Point Analog-to-Digital Converter." Area: Applied Electronics

Anders J Johansson: Thesis title: "Wireless Communication with Medical Implants: Antennas and Propagation." Area: Applied Electronics

Joakim Axmon: Thesis title: "Two-Dimensional Signal Root Estimation in Blind Multichannel Impact Response Analysis." Area: Signal Processing

Thomas Olsson: Thesis title: "Distributed Clocking and Clock Generation in Digital CMOS SoC ASICs." Area: Applied Electronics

Dmitri Truhachev: Thesis title: "On the Construction and Analysis of Iteratively Decodable Codes." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Gang Xu: Thesis title: "Charge Sampling Circuits and A/D Converters - Theory and Experiments." Area: Applied Electronics

Daniel Landström: Thesis title: "Synchronization for Multicarrier Systems." Area: Signal Processing


Patrik Ekdahl: Thesis title: "On LFSR based Stream Ciphers Analysis and Design." Area: Information Theory

Torgny Holmberg: Thesis title: "Fair Scheduling and Resource Allocation in Packet Based Radio Access Networks." Area: Communication Systems

Yijun Zhou: Thesis title: "Linear Interpolation D/A Converter Applied to Direct Digital RF Modulators." Area: Applied Electronics

Pontus Åström: Thesis title: "Custom Datapaths for DSP ASICs Methodology and Implementation." Area: Applied Electronics

Björn Widenberg: Thesis title: "Thick Frequency Selective Structures." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Magnus Åström: Thesis title: "Detection and Classification in Electrocardiac Signals." Area: Signal Processing

Martin Stridh: Thesis title: "Signal Characterization of Atrial Arrhythmias using the Surface ECG." Area: Signal Processing

Enes Pasalic: Thesis title: "On Boolean Functions in Symmetric-Key Chipers." Area: Information Theory

Michael Lentmaier: Thesis title: "Towards a Theory of Codes for Iterative Decoding." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Anders Berkeman: Thesis title: "ASIC Implementation of a Delayless Acoustic Echo Canceller: Architecture and Arithmetic." Area: Applied Electronics

Carl Fredrik Leanderson: Thesis title: "On the Design of Error Control Coding for Wireless Communication Systems." Area: Radio Systems

Martin Lantz: Thesis title: "Systematic Design of Linear Feedback Amplifiers." Area: Applied Electronics

Marc Handlery: Thesis title: "Tales of Tailbiting Codes." Area: Information Theory

Fredrik Jönsson: Thesis title: "Some results on fast correlation attacks." Area: Information Theory

Karin Engdahl: Thesis title: "Analysis of Some Convolutional Coding Constructions." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Ola Wintzell: Thesis title: "Coding and Modulation for Wideband CDMA." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Per Ståhl: Thesis title: "On Tailbiting Codes from Convolutional Codes." Area: Information Theory

Bo Shi: Thesis title: "Linear Transmitter Design Using Nonlinear Analog Circuits." Area: Applied Electronics

Nicklas Ekstrand: Thesis title: "Universal Lossless Source Coding Techniques for Images and Short Data Sequences." Area: Information Theory

Daniel Sjöberg: Thesis title: "Transient Electromagnetic Waves in Nonlinear Media." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Peter Eneroth: Thesis title: "Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation: Theory and Implementation." Area: Signal Processing


Ulf Ahlfors: Thesis title: "Dynamic Traffic Control in Multiservice Networks - Applications of Decision Models." Area: Communication Systems

Fredrik Tufvesson: Thesis title: "Design of Wireless Communication Systems -- Issues on Synchronization, Channel Estimation and Multi-Carrier Systems." Area: Applied Electronics

Johan Hokfelt: Thesis title: "On the Design of Turbo Codes." Area: Applied Electronics

Mats Gustafsson: Thesis title: "Wave Splitting in Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Henrik Börjeson: Thesis title: "Radio Wave Propagation in Confined Environments - Measurements and Models." Area: Applied Electronics

Stefan Höst: Thesis title: "On Woven Convolutional Codes." Area: Information Theory


Jan Åberg: Thesis title: "A Universal Source Coding Perspective on PPM." Area: Information Theory

Patrik Wahlberg: Thesis title: "On Methods for Pattern Recognition with Application to Epileptic Electroencephalograms." Area: Signal Processing

Pietro Andreani: Thesis title: "Reactors - Circuit Theory and Silicon Integrated Applications." Area: Applied Electronics

Maria Kihl: Thesis title: "Overload Control Strategies for Distributed Communication Networks." Area: Communication Systems


Lars Malmgren: Thesis title: "Radio Frequency Systems for NMR Imaging: Coil Development and Studies of Non-Thermal Biological Effects." Area: Applied Electronics

Igor Egorov: Thesis title: "Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Propagation in Temporally Dispersive Materials." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Magnus Wiklund: Thesis title: "Electrothermal Simulation in a Concurrent Waveform Relaxation Based Circuit Simulator." Area: Applied Electronics

Emma Wittenmark: Thesis title: "An Encounter with Convolutional Codes over Rings." Area: Information Theory

Lars Floreby: Thesis title: "Image Analysis and Enhancement with Applications in Medicine." Area: Signal Processing

Leif Wilhelmsson: Thesis title: "Coding for Multiple-Access and Fading Channels." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Henrik Sjöland: Thesis title: "Design and Analysis of Highly Linear Integrated Wideband Amplifiers." Area: Applied Electronics

Christian Gehrmann: Thesis title: "Topics in Authentication Theory." Area: Information Theory

Anders Svensson: Thesis title: "Performance Analysis and Optimization via Simulation." Area: Communication Systems

Ingegerd Åberg: Thesis title: "Transient Waves in Nonstationary Media: With Applications to Lightning and Nonlinear Media." Area: Electromagnetic Theory


Tomas Gänsler: Thesis title: "Impulse Response Identification Applied to Estimation of Event-Related Potentials and Non-Intrusive Echo Path Analysis." Area: Signal Processing

Farook Sattar: Thesis title: "Filter Bank Techniques for Signal and Image Processing." Area: Signal Processing

Joakim Persson: Thesis title: "Multilevel Coding Based on Convolutional Codes." Area: Information Theory

Peter Nilsson: Thesis title: "Custom Designed Digital Signal Processors Using Bit-Serial Arithmetic." Area: Applied Electronics

Maria Hansson: Thesis title: "On Signal Dependent Basis Functions, Estimation of Event Related Potentials and Multiple Window Spectrum Analysis." Area: Signal Processing

Shousheng He: Thesis title: "Concurrent VLSI Architectures for DFT Computing and Algorithms for Multi-output Logic Decomposition." Area: Applied Electronics


Roozbeh Atarius: Thesis title: "Statistical Signal Processing of Cardiac Late Potentials." Area: Signal Processing

Håkan Grahn: Thesis title: "Evaluation of Design Alternatives for a Directory-Based Cache Coherence Protocol in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors." Area: Computer Engineering
Professor of Computer Engineering, School of Computing, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Henrik Floberg: Thesis title: "Symbolic Analysis in Analog Integrated Circuit Design." Area: Applied Electronics

Lars Sundström: Thesis title: "Digital RF Power Amplifier Linearisers - Analysis and Design." Area: Applied Electronics

Mats Johansson: Thesis title: "Linearization of Wideband RF Power Amplifiers using Modulation Feedback." Area: Applied Electronics

Lars Falk: Thesis title: "Queueing Models of Window Flow Control and DQDB Analysis." Area: Communication Systems

Peter Karlsson: Thesis title: "Indoor Radio Propagation for Personal Communications Services." Area: Applied Electronics

Sten Rikte: Thesis title: "Propagation of transient electromagnetic waves in stratified bi-isotropic media and related inverse scattering problems." Area: Electromagnetic Theory


Viktor Öwall: Thesis title: "Synthesis of Controllers from a Range of Controller Architectures." Area: Applied Electronics

Thomas Johansson: Thesis title: "Contributions to Unconditionally Secure Authentication." Area: Information Theory

Christian Björk: Thesis title: "Analog CMOS Implementation of Artificial Neural Networks." Area: Applied Electronics

Gunilla Bratt: Thesis title: "Sequential Decoding for the Gilbert-Elliott Channel - Strategy and Analysis." Area: Information Theory

Fredrik Dahlgren: Thesis title: "Design and Performance Evaluation of Hardware-based Cache Protocol Extensions for Multiprocessors." Area: Computer Engineering

Christian Bergljung: Thesis title: "Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Dielectric Wedges." Area: Applied Electronics

Mats Brorsson: Thesis title: "Performance Impact of Shared Memory Latency in Multiprocessors - Models and Experiments." Area: Computer Engineering
Professor in Computer Architecture and Vice dean of education at KTH School of Information and Communication Technology.


Bengt-Arne Molin: Thesis title: "Switch-Level Timing Simulation on Concurrent Computers." Area: Applied Electronics

Harro Osthoff: Thesis title: "Reduced Search Decoding with Systematic Convolutional Encoders." Area: Information Theory

Johan Nyström: Thesis title: "Creeper - an Algorithm for Sequential Decoding." Area: Information Theory

Lars Lundberg: Thesis title: "Parallel Program Scheduling - from Implementation aspects to Performance Bounds." Area: Computer Engineering
Professor of Computer Engineering, School of Computing, Blekinge Institute of Technology


Christian Nyberg: Thesis title: "On Overload Control in Telecommunication Systems." Area: Communication Systems

Benny Lövström: Thesis title: "Ultrasonic Signal Processing - Attenuation Estimation and Image Enhancement." Area: Signal Processing

Lena Petersson: Thesis title: "Dynamic Circuit Partitioningfor Concurrent Waveform Relaxation-Based Circuit Simulation." Area: Applied Electronics

Glenn Jennings: Thesis title: "Register Transfer Modeling for Design of Latch-based Synchronous Circuits." Area: Computer Engineering

Johan Karlsson: Thesis title: "Enhancements of Communication Resources." Area: Communication Systems

Sven Nordholm: Thesis title: "Broadband Adaptive Beamforming with Applications in Acoustic Signal Processing." Area: Signal Processing


Tommy Andersson: Thesis title: "Electromagnetic Scattering by Thin Objects - Method of Moments Calculations with Singular Basis Functions." Area: Electromagnetic Theory

Torgny Palenius: Thesis title: "On Reduced Complexity Noncoherent Detectors for Continuous Phase Modulation." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Per Andersson: Thesis title: "Aspects of Parameterized Module Generation in Interactive VLSI Design Environments." Area: Computer Engineering

Lars Reneby: Thesis title: "Service Protection and Overflow in Circuit Switched Networks." Area: Communication Systems


Lars Svensson: Thesis title: "Implementation Aspects of Decision Feedback Equalizers for Mobile Telephones." Area: Applied Electronics

Mats Torkelson: Thesis title: "Design of Application Specific Digital Signal Processors." Area: Applied Electronics

Per Stenström: Thesis title: "Aspects of Memory Systems for MIMD Multiprocessors with Shared Memory." Area: Computer Engineering
Professor, computer architecture at Chalmers University of Technology. Fellow of the ACM and the IEEE. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences

Åke Arvidsson: Thesis title: "Priorities in Circuit Switched Networks." Area: Communication Systems


Bernard Smeets: Thesis title: "Some Results on Linear Recurring Sequences." Area: Information Theory

Richard Lundin: Thesis title: "A Handbook Formula for the Inductance of a Single-layer Circular Coil and a General Power Series Expansion method for Exact Analysis of the Guided Modes in an Optical Fiber." Area: Electromagnetic Theory


Ingvar Claesson: Thesis title: "Estimation Compensation and Imaging of Ultrasonic Attenuation." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Sven Mattisson: Thesis title: "CONCISE - a Concurrent Circuit Simulation Program." Area: Applied Electronics

Anders Ardö: Thesis title: "Aspects on Implementation of Ada on Multiprocessor Computers with Shared Memory." Area: Computer Engineering


Göran Lindell: Thesis title: "On Coded Continous Phase Modulation." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Arne Svensson: Thesis title: "Receivers for CPM." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Leif Sörnmo: Thesis title: "Detection and Estimation in Computer-based ECG Analysis." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Mats Cedervall: Thesis title: "Contributions to the Decoding and Structure of Convolutional Codes." Area: Information Theory

Thomas Mattsson: Thesis title: "A Passive Hydrogen Maser Frequency Standard Design and Preliminary Results." Area: Applied Electronics

Ivan Kruzela: Thesis title: "An Associative Array Processor Supporting a Relational Algebra." Area: Information Theory

Christer Fernström: Thesis title: "The LUCAS Associative Array Processor and Its Programming Environment." Area: Information Theory

Bertil Svensson: Thesis title: "LUCAS Processor Array Design and Applications." Area: Information Theory
Professor of Computer System Engineering, School of Information Science, Computer and Electronic Engineering, Halmstad University


Berth Eklundh: Thesis title: "Simulation of Queueing Structures, a Feasibility Study." Area: Communication Systems

Ulf Körner: Thesis title: "Congestion Control in Packet Switching Computer Communication Networks." Area: Communication Systems

Bengt Mandersson: Thesis title: "Resolution of Convolved Signals in Biomedical Applications." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Per Eriksson: Thesis title: "Application of Estimation Theory to Acoustic Signal Processing." Area: Telecommunication Theory
Vice-Chancellor at Lund University


Per Ola Börjesson: Thesis title: "Data Compression and Signal Estimation with Application to Digitized Electrocardiograms." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Lars Olsson: Thesis title: "A New Phase-tracking Loran-C Timing Receiver with Cycle Identification and a Digital Averaging Phase-detector." Area: Applied Electronics


Tor Aulin: Thesis title: "CPM - a Power and Bandwidth Efficient Digital Constant Envelope Modulation Scheme." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Allan Petersen: Thesis title: "A New Apparatus for the Precise Determination of Time and Frequency on the LF-band Using Transmitter DCF 77." Area: Applied Electronics


Arne Nilsson: Thesis title: "Analysis and Synthesis of Time-shared Computer Systems." Area: Communication Systems


Nils Rydbeck: Thesis title: "Intermodulation Distortion in Carrier Frequency Systems." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Rolf Johannesson: Thesis title: "Topics in Probabilistic Coding and Modulation." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Carl-Erik Sundberg: Thesis title: "Matched Modulation and Coding with Applications to Satellite Communication Systems." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Skotte Mårtensson: Thesis title: "A Microwave Spectrometer Using Optically Pumped 23NA. Construction and Measurements." Area: Applied Electronics

Lars Göran Larsson: Thesis title: "A Microwave Spectrometer Using Optically Pumped 23NA. Construction and Measurements." Area: Applied Electronics


Tommy Svensson: Thesis title: "Equalization of Data Channels by Using an Adaptive Matched Filter." Area: Telecommunication Theory

Göran Salomonsson: Thesis title: "Equalization of Data Channels with Feedback Filters." Area: Telecommunication Theory


Anders Ljungström: Thesis title: "Forced and Free Oscillations. Some Aspects on Longitudinal Plasma Waves." Area: Electromagnetic Theory


Olov Einarsson: Thesis title: "Electromagnetic Radiation from Cylindrical Structures." Area: Electromagnetic Theory