Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University


EIT020 Design of Digital Circuits - A Systems Approach, 2016/2017

Approved laboratory lessons is mandatory before taking the written exam. On all exams there are five problems of 10 credits each. The grades are:


  • 0-19: Do not pass
  • 20-29: Grade 3
  • 30-39: Grade 4
  • 40-50: Grade 5


You are allowed to use the course book and the lecture notes (the slides from lectures, see Lectures) on the exam.

A non programmable calculator is also allowed. Brief notes in the course book is allowed.  


Old exams with solutions

Jan 2016: jan16.pdf jan16los.pdf

Jan 2015: jan15.pdf jan15los.pdf

Dec 2013: Dec13.pdf Dec13los.pdf

Dec 2012: Dec12.pdf Dec12_los.pdf (wrong answer on 1c)

Aug 2012: Aug12.pdf Aug12los.pdf  

April 2012: April12.pdf April12los.pdf 

Dec 2011: Dec11.pdf Dec11_los.pdf

Dec 2010: Dec10.pdf Dec10Sol.pdf

Aug 2010: Aug10.pdf Aug10_los.pdf

April 2010: April10.pdf April10_los.pdf

Dec 2009: Dec09.pdf Dec09_los.pdf 

Aug 2009: Aug09.pdf Aug09_los.pdf

 April 2009: Apri09.pdf April09_losn.pdf


Some exams without solutions

Aug 2013:  Aug13.pdf (lösningar saknas)

April 2013:  April13.pdf (lösningar saknas)

Aug 2011: Aug11.pdf (lösningar saknas)

April 2011: April11.pdf (lösningar saknas)