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EITN41 Avancerad webbsäkerhet, 2014/2015

NOTE: The previous course (EITN40) on 4.0hp is canceled and replaced by this course, EITN41 Advanced Web Security (7,5hp). If you participated in EITN40, you will also be allowed to participate in the new course, but you will only be allowed to count one of the courses in your exam. If you passed the previous course and want to take this one as well, you do not have to redo everything. It is possible to pass the new course by completing the remaining parts. Still, you sign up for EITN41 as usual since you are going to follow this course. Your examination will consist of home assignements in the same manner as in the previous course. Details can be found here. You score from previous years can be found here: 2012, 2013.

Moreover it is not enough to just sign up for the course, you must be registered as well. If you have not done that (by either attending the first lecture or explicitly emailed Martin about this), send an email to Martin and confirm that you want to be registered.


The course Advanced Web Security was offered for the first time in HT2 2012. It is an advanced level (A) course and is builds upon the courses Web Security (EITF05) and Computer Security (EIT060). Since 2014, the course is 7.5hp.

It is included in the "Säkerhet" and "användbarhet och design" specialisations for the C programs. It is also included in the "Kommunikationssystem" specialisation for the D program.

The course plan can be found here.

Student representatives 2014:

C: Bernt Christensen, Viktor Edéus

D: Anton Eliasson

Course literature: Similar to web security, there will be no book. The course material will be given as lecture notes and lecture slides.

Examination: There will be no written exam. A set of home exercises and/or small projects must be completed in order to get grade 3 or 4. Grade 5 can be achieved by additionally taking an oral exam. There will also be one lab.