Electrical and Information Technology

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EIT080 Information Theory, 2011/2012

Starting this year the exam is a home exam. It will be handed out on a date agreed by the students in the course and handed in latest one week after (more information will follow here).

The exam should be solved individually and the students should be able to explain their solutions. All solutions should clearly show the line of reasoning. If some programming script (e.g. MATLAB or Python) is used to solve a problem the script should also be handed in (naturally, normal command line calculations (e.g. entropy) is not part of this).

Old exams:

The old exams up to Aug11 below are written 5 hours exams, after that it is home exams. The difference with the home exam is that there might be some problems that require some more calculations and computer aid. But the old exams will still be very similar to the home exam.



 Exam  Solution 
 May 12


 Aug 11
 aug11.pdf  aug11_sol.pdf
 May 11
 may11.pdf  may11-los.pdf
 Aug 10
 aug10.pdf  aug10_sol.pdf
 June 10
 june10.pdf  june10_los.pdf
 Aug 09
 aug09eng.pdf  aug09_losn.pdf

 May 09

 may09eng.pdf  may09_losn.pdf