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Course Information

ETIN70 Modern Electronics, 2019/2020

Course information

Modern electronics is both research on coming technologies and the foundation of industrial applications of established technology. The course provides basic knowledge in components and electronics and gives an overview of different established technologies. The course also provides a basis for new research concepts such as neuromorphic systems as well as advanced digital and analogue circuit design for IoT and 5G technology. Especially, the course aims to make available for students of varying background knowledge to study advanced courses in both materials driven electronics development and advanced circuit design, for example High Speed Devices, Nanoelectronics, and Analog IC Design.

The main theme in the course is the MOS transistor which is the dominant device used in commercial applications. The course provides a physics based description of the MOS transistor and describes its integration in basic amplifier stages. Bipolar junction  transistors will be discussed.

The frequency dependent properties of both the MOS transistor and the amplifiers will be treated. Digital circuit applications based on the MOS transistor will also be discussed.


Introduction to semiconductors, charge carriers, transport and the pn-junction. The large and small signal models for bipolar junction and MOS transistors. Short channel effects in modern devices. Single stage amplifiers, feed-back amplifiers, cascode amplifiers, power amplifiers and OP-amplifiers. Frequency response and bandwidth. The cource includes two compulsory laboratory exercises, one experimental on individual transistors and one focused on circuit simulations.

What you will learn during this course

   -  The architecture and operation of the MOS transistor.
   -  How to use a small-signal model to descibe transistors and basic circuits.
   -  The design and analysis of amplifier circuits.
   -  The frequency dependent properties of active and passive devices and amplifier circuits.

Who should study this course

   - If you have a different background than electrical engineering and is interested in more in-depth studies of semiconducting devices and circuits from an engineering perspective.

   - You would like to study more courses in analogue circuit design (such as "ETIN30, Integrated Radio Electronics") but do not have the necessary prerequisites .

   - You have not studied other basic courses in analogue circuits (such as ESS020 or ESSF01) previously.