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EITF80 Elektromagnetisk fältteori (E)



The links to the relevant software demonstrations of electromagnetic concepts based on "Wolfram Demonstration Projects" are given below. You will need to install the free software from the website in order to view the demos.

Lecture 1:

1.1 Electric Fields for Three Point Charges

1.2 Lines of Force for Two Point Charges

Lectures 7, 8:

7.1 Dielectric Sphere in a Uniform Electric Field

Lecture 9:

9.1 Method of Images in Electrostatics

Lecture 10:

10.1 Electric Current

Lecture 12:

12.1 Creation of a Magnetic Field by an Electric Current

12.2 Magnetic Field of a Current Loop

Lecture 15:

15.1 Magnetic Circuits

Lecture 17:

17.1 Magnetic Ring Toss

Lecture 19:

19.1 Plane Electromagnetic Wave

19.2 Polarization of an Electromagnetic Wave

19.3 Understanding Polarization with an Analogy

Lecture 20:

20.1 Electromagnetic Wave Incident on a Perfect Conductor

20.2 Electromagnetic Wave Incident on a Dielectric Boundary