Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

Electronic quiz

EITF80 Electromagnetic Fields (E), 2019/2020

Students will need to complete an electronic quiz after every two lectures at the website: http://elearning.eit.lth.se/moodle. There will be altogether 10 quizzes, since there are 20 lectures in the course.

The multiple choice questions are designed to help you review the lecture material. The quiz can be done as many times as you wish before the deadline, and it will be considered complete when all questions are answered correctly. Those who complete all quizzes will be awarded 3 bonus points at the first exam. The bonus points do not apply to re-exams. Those who are only able to complete 9 quizzes by their deadlines will be allowed to obtain 3 bonus points (for the first exam), providing they successfully complete an extra quiz (revision quiz) that contains randomly selected questions from all 10 quizzes.

Username and password is your STIL-ID.

Important: After the first login, you will receive an email sent to you for confirmation. You will need to click on the link that is found in the email for your registration to be complete.