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EITF50 Introduktion till trådlösa system



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Young Paul H.: Chapters from Electronic Communication Techniques, Pearson, Fifth Edition 2004, ISBN: 9780857766915

Available at KFS
Reading instructions for the textbook   readinginstructions.pdf (86kB)
Radio dictionary, translation from english to swedish with explanations   RadioLexikon04.pdf (93 kB)
Short answers to selected problems in the textbook Fifth edition english version Facit12ed5en.pdf (131kB)
Fifth edition swedish version Facit04ed5.pdf (121 kB)

Fourth edition swedish

Facit03ed4.pdf (657 kB)
Example exams with short answers   Exampleexams_ETIF05_en.pdf
(591 kB)
Laboratory manual, lab 1   Lab manual 1 (941k)
Additional files to download for lab 1   ADS files zip (6k)
Laboratory manual, lab 2 & 3   Lab manual 2 & 3 (164)
Alternative literature   alternative literature
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