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EITA25 Computer Security, 2018/2019

Laboratories are done in groups of exactly 2 people as far as possible. If you sign up by yourself it is possible that you will be paired with someone else during the lab. 3 people per computer will be avoided.

Projects 1 and 2 are done in groups of 3 or 4 people.

You need to email Pegah (the TA) to be assigned to a project group! Write your full name and program in this email. Write in English. The email address you send from may be posted on the course home page for ease of group communication. Additionally, you may request to work together with a (one) partner, but this is optional. Do not build cycles (clever, but these will be split). Your request may or may not be honored, but deviating assignment requests will definitely be ignored.
You may also request not to work with any one or a few people you specify. These requests are generally honored.

Once you have been assigned to a group, contact your group leader. IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE IT YET, DO IT NOW!!!

Group leaders are underlined (mailto link) in the list below. The project group leader serves as the official communicator of the group. All emails sent to the TA should be sent by the group leader. However, note that group leadership does not imply greater responsibility. All group members are equally and individually responsible for deadlines, handling of group dynamics and all other issues.

Groups are combined into Clusters. Peer-reviews (of functionality and report) and presentations will be coordinated within each cluster.
Cluster leaders are group leaders of first group in a cluster.

The grouping list below is to be regarded as preliminary during the first week(s) as there is bound to be some restructuring.
The list might contain errors, so please report these to the TA for correction (omissions, duplicates, misspellings,...) when you find them.
In particular, notify the TA if your group status changes in any way.

Group list:

Cluster Group Members Comment  P1 ok  P2 report bundle 
1 1 Jacob Adlers, William Winberg, Olivia Mattsson, Amanda Flote   Yes 
1 2 Marcus Rettig, Karl-Oskar Rikås, Laura Barba, Amanda Mitic   Yes 
1 3 Tove Sölve, Lucy Albinsson, Frank Hampus Weslien, Tobias Bladh   Yes 
1 4

Amanda Eriksson, Linnéa Gustavsson, Filip Borglund, Keiwan Mosaddegh

2 5 Kim Haapamäki, Eric Stengard, Anna Andersson Ewerman, Oskar Jönsson   Yes Yes 
2 6 Maximilian Schön, Sepehr Noorzadeh, Hedda Klintskog, Adina Borg   Yes Yes
2 7 Patric Balan, Jacob Kristensson, Inger Gundersen, Annie Tallund  


2 8 Mikael Murstam, Jacob Rosensköld, Andreas Erlandsson, Martin Fredlund   Yes  Yes 
3 9 Niklas Bergstrand, Alexander Ryde, Claudio Gandra, Gustav Handmark   Yes  Yes 
3 10 Henrik Chrintz, Martin Jakobsson, Sofia Christiansson, Jos Rosenqvist
  Yes Yes 
3 11 Adam Varg Barvesten, Samuel Rosenqvist, Georgij Michaliutin, (Alexander Tuoma)
  (Yes)(Yes) Yes 
3 12 Joanna Liljedahl Hildebrand, Emma Franzon, Isac Jeppsson, Oskar Borna   Yes  Yes
4 13 Felix Lundström, Arne Stenkrona, Erik Svensson, Åke Edqvist   Yes  Yes 
4 14

Johannes Neij, Emil Englesson, Andy Xiang, Stefan Fälthammar

  Yes Yes 
4 15 Mathias Bothén, Albin Olsson, Sara Ahrari, Jonas Lundahl   Yes  Yes 
4 16

Kristian Zöller, Fillip Bergman, Anna Qvil, Fred Nordell

  Yes  Yes 
5 17 Egil TordengrenOskar Wändesjö , Adrian Göransson, Daniel Huber
5 18 Johannes Bastmark, Axel Domel, Olle Axelsson, Elias Tedenvall   Yes 
5 19 Max strandberg, Petter Berntsson, Lukas Mattsson, Oskar Holmqvist   Yes 
5 20 Max Bringemo, Elin Lennartsson, Abdeljalil Moussa, Martin Larsson


6 21 Charlie Mrad, Nils Bengtsson, Rune Anderberg, Henrik Olsson   Yes  Yes 
6 22 Erik Amirell Eklöf, Björn Magnusson, Adam Hägglund, Johannes Tykesson   Yes
6 23 Joel Hogeman, Hannes Lundh, Michael Young, Dennis Phan   Yes
6 24 Hanna Höjbert, Fabian Sundholm, Oliver Dageson, Andre Hedesand
7 25 Mattias Leifsson, Michael Pater, Wilmer Ansgariusson, Jonathan Ståhl   Yes  Yes 
7 26 Hannes Lantz, Ludvig Rassmus, Simon Andersson, Elias Frykholm   Yes Yes 
7 27 (Linus Jacobson, Jamil Msqdis Anton, Axel Österblad), (Backa Elias Bondpä)
7 28 Ika Jakse Injac, Adla Jebara, Roland Veiderma Holmberg, Melker Gustafsson   Yes 
8 29 Tselmeg baasan, Freja Ekman, Gustav Thorstrand, Szymon Stypa   Yes  Yes 
8 30 Joel Bångdal, Josef Bernhardsson, Jonathan Florquin, Axel Delbom
  Yes  Yes
8 31 Wilhelm Lundström, Mohammed El-Khalil, Ludvig Pärsson, Rasmus Olsson
9 32


9 33      
9 34        
10 35        
10 36      
10 37