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TFRG35 Fundamentals of Accelerator Technology

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Information Fundamentals of Accelerator Technology


We have pre-booked rooms at Sparta Guesthouse, which is a part of Hotel Sparta located right next to the school. For European students we pay for accommodation in double room during 13-23 August. Cleaning and change of sheets and towels once a week is included in the price.  At the hotel you have access to a common kitchen, and there is a food store close to the hotel. All rooms are equipped with TV and wireless Internet.  You’ll find a map and directions at
All of you who need accommodation during the summer school must contact Anders Karlsson ( and tell him when you arrive and when you leave. Please do this as soon as possible.

Common meals

All lunches and some dinners will be common and are paid by the school.

The E-building and the lecture room

The lecture room for the school is E1406 and it is located on the ground floor in the E-building. Go as far north as you can in the building. In the map given below we have marked the entrance to the E-building, as well as the guest house. When you enter the E-building you go as far north as you can.  The E-building is open 07.00-17.30 on weekdays. It is closed on Saturday and Sunday but we will make sure that someone will let you in. More information on this during the course.


For students that belong to partners universities (Aarhus, Oslo, Uppsala and Jyväskylää) NPAP pays €200 for traveling to the summer school if the distance to Lund is more than 100 km.

For students arriving at Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup):
There is a train station at the airport and trains leave frequently for Lund. There are ticket machines marked with Skanetrafiken at the airport where you can purchase tickets (go straight ahead when you exit the baggage area. The machines are 40-80 m from the exit). Buy a ticket to Lund Central station via the bridge (you can also go by boat but that will take you several hours).

For students arriving at Sturup (Malmö) Airport:
You can either take a taxi (we suggest Taxi Skåne 460 SEK) or the airport bus to the Lund Central station (105 SEK).

Transportation from Lund Central station to the Guest house:
You can take a taxi, the bus (there are a number of bus lines that are suitable, see, type that you leave from Lund C and go to Tunavagen) or walk to the Guest house (2.3 km 30 minutes walk).

Transportation in Lund: You cannot purchase tickets on the buses, but there are several other options: One is to download an app for Skanetrafiken. Go to  (click on translate to get it in another language than Swedish).
With the app you can buy tickets and get information about buses. Check also at to see timetables for the busses.

There are other ways to buy tickets, see

Social activities:

On Monday, August 14, we have a welcome party. If the weather is nice we will be in the Botanical garden. It starts at 18.00.

On Tuesday, August 15, we will have a dinner followed by a tour of Lund.
On Saturday, August 19 there will be a BBQ in Stadsparken of Lund. We give information about this when the school has started.

The project:

We will hand out projects on Wednesday, August 16. You work on the project in a group, under the guidance of a supervisor, during the course. Much of the work will be done during Sunday August 20 and Monday,  August 21.

The oral presentations of the projects take place on Tuesday, August22.  We finish before lunch and then we round up with a common lunch.