Electrical and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering LTH | Lund University

Personnel (by name)

Name Title Phone
Amani, Payam Researcher email +46462227518
Anderson, John B Professor email +46462223449
Andersson, Anne Programme Administrator email +46462229763
Andersson, Jens A Lecturer email +46462221486
Andreani, Pietro Associate Professor email +46462224721
Andric, Stefan PhD student email
Bastani, Saeed Researcher email
Bengtsson, Erik PhD student email
Berg, Miguel Researcher email
Bondarik, Alexander PhD student email +46462227515
Borg, Mattias Assistant Professor email +46462229099
Borgström, Anders Research administrator email +46462224858
Bruhn, Pia Administrative Coordinator email +46462229179
Bür, Kaan Project leader email +46462227341
Börjesson, Per Ola Professor email +46462223446
Cedervall, Mats Associate Professor email +46462227516
Chitti, Krishna Postdoctoral Fellow email
Chung, Minkeun Postdoctoral Fellow email
Claesson, Ingvar Visiting professor email
Costanza, Gabriele PhD student email +46462227507
de Prisco, Renato PhD student email
Edfors, Ove Professor email +46462229026
Edman, Fredrik Associate Professor email +46462229106
Ehrenborg, Casimir PhD student email
Ericsson, Andreas PhD student email +46462224162
Eriksson, Per Professor email
Fertner, Antoni Researcher email +46462229096
Fitzgerald, Emma Researcher email +46462227576
Flordelis, Jose PhD student email
Forsberg, Therese PhD student email +46462227908
Franco, Antonio PhD student email
Gangarajaiah, Rakesh PhD student email +46462224655
Gehrmann, Christian Adjunct professor email
Ghani Zadegan, Farrokh PhD student email +46462227562
Grbic, Nedelko Associate Professor email +46462227732
Greiff Svensson, Marianne Programme Administrator email +46462229013
Gunnarsson, Sara email
Guo, Qian PhD student email
Gustafson, Carl Postdoctoral Fellow email
Gustafsson, Mats Professor email +46462227506
Helander, Jakob PhD student email +46462224516
Hell, Martin Associate Professor email +46462224353
Hellenbrand, Markus PhD student email
Heunisch, Sebastian PhD student email
Hu, Sha PhD student email +46700962540
Huang, Yezi PhD student email +46462224932
Höst, Stefan Associate Professor email +46462224278
Jensen, Dorthe Finance Officer email +46462227520
Johannesson, Rolf Professor emeritus email +46462227517
Johansson, Anders J Associate Professor email +46462229027
Johansson, Andreas Research engineer email +46462224966
Johansson, Thomas Professor email +46462223182
Jonsson, Erik Research engineer email +46462224035
Jönsson, Adam PhD student email
Jönsson, Göran Purchasing coordinator email
Karaca, Mehmet Postdoctoral Fellow email
Karlsson, Anders Professor email +46462224089
Karlsson, Johan M Professor email +46462224914
Karlsson, Linus PhD student email +46462223869
Kihl, Maria Professor email +46462229010
Kilpi, Olli-Pekka PhD student email
Kristensson, Gerhard Professor emeritus email +46462224562
Körner, Ulf Professor email +46462229007
Landfeldt, Björn Professor email +46462224407
Lantz, Patrik PhD student email
Larsson, Bertil Lecturer email +46462223738
Larsson, Christer Adjunct professor email +4613181349
Larsson, Erik Associate Professor email +46462224654
Larsson, Jan Eric Professor email +46462227523
Larsson, Lars-Göran Technician email +4642356731
Lau, Buon Kiong Professor email +46462229018
Lentmaier, Michael Associate Professor email +46462224910
Li, Xuhong PhD student email
Lind, Erik Associate Professor email +46462224888
Lindell, Göran Associate Professor email +46462229028
Lindelöw, Fredrik PhD student email
Lindqvist, Neiva Researcher email
Lindstrand, Jonas PhD student email +46462224405
Lindvall, Bertil Lecturer email +46462227513
Liu, Liang Associate Professor email +46462224652
Liu, Xiaodong PhD student email
Liu, Yangxurui PhD student email
Lundgren, Johan PhD student email
Lundin, Richard Associate Professor email +46462224563
Magesacher, Thomas Associate Professor email +46462880999
Mahdavi, Mojtaba PhD student email
Mahmoud, Ahmed PhD student email
Malkowsky, Steffen PhD student email +46462227539
Martin, Torleif Adjunct professor email +4613185691
Mattisson, Sven Adjunct professor email +46107154821
Medeiros, Eduardo PhD student email
Memisevic, Elvedin PhD student email
Miers, Zachary PhD student email +46462224101
Mohammadi, Babak PhD student email +46462223020
Moloudi, Saeedeh PhD student email +46462229246
Molund, Stefan Research engineer email +46462224845
Moradi, Farnaz PhD student email
Mårtensson, Erik PhD student email +46462224939
Nelson, Christian PhD student email +462224902
Nikolov, Dimitar Researcher email
Nilsson, Martin Research engineer email +46462229108
Nilsson, Mikael PhD student email +46313258676
Nordström, Elisabeth Finance Officer email +46462223828
Nyberg, Christian Associate Professor email +46462229174
Ohlsson, Lars Postdoctoral Fellow email +46462223021
Paladi, Nicolae PhD student email
Pioro, Michal Professor email +46462229669
Prabhu, Hemanth PhD student email +46462227539
Reimer, Oscar email
Rikte, Sten Adjunct professor email
Rius I Riu, Jaume Researcher email +46702673161
Rodrigues, Joachim Associate Professor email +46462224868
Rosa Dortschy, Adriana Project leader email
Rusek, Fredrik Associate Professor email +46462224940
Safavi, Mohammadhassan PhD student email
Sarajlic, Muris PhD student email +46462229025
Schuber, Pernilla Project leader email +46462227510
Seyed Mazloum, Nafiseh PhD student email +46462220421
Shiri Babadi, Aein PhD student email
Sjöberg, Daniel Head of department email +46462227511
Sjöland, Henrik Professor email +46462229513
Smeets, Ben Professor email +46462227521
Stala, Michal PhD student email
Stankovski, Paul Assistant Professor email +46462227584
Svensson, Johannes Researcher email
Swartling, Mikael Postdoctoral Fellow email
Sönnerup, Jonathan PhD student email +464622229019
Tan, Siyu PhD student email +46703657238
Tayli, Doruk PhD student email +46462223413
Tired, Tobias PhD student email +46462224904
Tufvesson, Fredrik Deputy head of department email +46462224629
Tärneberg, William PhD student email +46462229021
Törmänen, Markus Associate Professor email +46462229109
Umar Farooq, Muhammad PhD student email
Vall-Llosera, Gemma Researcher email
van Der Perre, Liesbet Visiting professor email
Vieira, Joao PhD student email +46462229025
Vlastaras, Dimitrios PhD student email
Wajnblom, Josef Research engineer email +46462224463
Wernehag, Johan Associate Professor email +46462227509
Wernersson, Lars-Erik Professor email +46462229003
Wisenhoff, Daniel Amanuens email
Yaqoob, Muhammad Atif PhD student email +46462229104
Yousaf, Irfan PhD student email +46462229102
Yuan, Jiren Professor emeritus email
Zigangirov, Kamil Professor emeritus email +46462224460
Zota, Cezar PhD student email
Ödling, Per Professor email +46462224941
Öwall, Viktor Professor email