Electrical and Information Technology

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Electrical Engineering

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Course name Mandatory KA Lp
Analogue Circuits ESSF01 Ht2-Vt2
Communication systems and networks ETSF15 Vt1
Computer Organization EIT070 Vt1
Design of Digital Circuits - A Systems Approach EIT020 Ht1-Ht2
Electromagnetic Fields (E) ESS050 Ht1-Ht2
Electronics ESS010 Ht1-Vt1
Systems and Signals ESS040 Ht1
Course name Mandatory-Elective KA Lp
Analogue IC-design ETIN25 Ht2
Patent and Intellectual Property Rights ETIA10 Vt1
Signal Processing in Multimedia , China ETI265 Ht1
Course name Optional KA Lp
Advanced Computer Security EITN50 Ht1
Advanced Course in Electrical and Information Technology EITN35 Ht1-Vt2
Advanced Telecommunication ETSN01 Vt1
Advanced Web Security EITN41 Ht2
Algorithms in Signal Processors - Project Course ETIN80 Vt1
Antenna Technology ETEN10 Ht2
Basic Wireless Communication Technique ETIF05 Ht1
Channel Modelling for Wireless Communication ETIN10 Vt1
Computer Architecture EITF20 Ht2
Computer Security EIT060 Vt1
Consumer Electronics ETI125 Ht1-Ht2
Cryptography EDIN01 Ht2
Digital and Analogue Projects EITF40 Vt1
Digital Communications ETT051 Ht1
Digital Communications, Advanced Course ETTN01 Ht2
Digital IC-design ETIN20 Ht1
DSP-design ETIN45 Vt1
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation ETEN05 Ht1
Error Control Coding EDI042 Ht2
History of Technology EITA05 Vt1-Vt2
IC-project 1 , digital ETIN35 Vt1-Vt2
IC-project 1 , analog ETIN35 Vt1-Vt2
IC-project 2 , digital ETIN40 Ht1-Ht2
IC-project 2 , analog ETIN40 Ht1-Ht2
Information Theory EITN45 Vt2
Integrated A/D and D/A Converters ETIN55 Ht2
Integrated Radio Electronics ETIN30 Vt1
Internet Inside EITN30 Vt1
Internet Protocol ETSF10 Ht2
Introduction to Structured VLSI Design EITF35 Ht1
Measurement and Modeling of the Central Nervous System Function EITN65 Vt1
Microwave Theory ETEN01 Vt2
Modern Wireless Systems - LTE and Beyond ETTN15 Ht1
Multiple Antenna Systems EITN10 Ht1
Nano Electronics FFF160 Vt2
Queuing System ETS075 Vt2
Radio Systems ETIN15 Vt2
RF Amplifier Design ETIN50 Ht2
Signal Separation - Independent Components EITN55 Ht1
Simulation ETS061 Vt2